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I'm still fishing for the right answers.

This blog has ASOIAF spoilers.

Also, I like to draw.

today at work this guy named Pete ordered a pepperoni pizza to go and I labeled his box “Pete”roni and I laughed about it for like an hour and made all my coworkers hate me.

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this is the only sex gif I will ever reblog


this is the only sex gif I will ever reblog

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wait, greta gerwig is going to be in the how i met your mother spinoff?

but why?

some designer named Ripley Rader is really fucking up my attempts to search for a similar jumpsuit to the one Sigourney Weaver wore in Alien. 

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I dont even want to watch tonight’s game of thrones after reading about it on tumblr.

The fact that D&D could fuck up these characters so much is ridiculous and I feel sick that they turned a perfectly consensual (fucked up yes, but still consensual) sex scene into a rape scene, which makes no sense within the plot of the show, makes me sick to my stomach.

What’s the point of the show if we’re just going to throw plot and character arcs out the window for the sake of shock value? 

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fuck d&d    what pieces of trash    got    game of thrones    got spoilers    

i just finally watched the second to last episode of this season of shameless and i am so emotionally drained. This show hasnt made me cry this hard in a while. Goddamn. 

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the other day someone told me I was the female Charlie Kelly and I still don’t know if that was a compliment or not. 

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family gatherings or how to make yourself miserable. 

oop, I forgot RuPaul’s Drag Race was on tonight and I think Ijust spoiled myself.

Good job, grace.

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